The night before last, I was sitting up in my bed holding my daughter in my arms and watching her sleep. She had been a little sick that evening and it seemed that laying down flat made her nauseous, so I determined to hold her until I became too tired and had to go to sleep myself. As the clock approached midnight, turning the day from December 8th to the 9th, I couldn't help but feel that this was the perfect way to ring in my 29th birthday. Of course, I hate for my baby to be sick, but there was just something beautiful about the stillness of this simple mothering moment. I felt like a soldier. I felt strong and wise. I felt like an adult. And I felt thankful. So thankful. Thankful for 29 years on the earth. Thankful that maybe I've learned some things. Thankful for my family. Thankful for where I've been and what lies ahead. Then i looked at myself and began to observe. Who am I right now? How do I respond to things? What do I do with my time? Am I patient? Am I loving well? As I evaluated what i saw, I really didn't have any great epiphany. I just observed. And what I observed was… I'm 29. I'm kind of mature, kind of not. I'm doing well in some areas, growing in others. As I sat there in the dark, I felt fine to just be. To be who I am, where I am, right now. My everything let out a sigh. The angel in my arms stirred and sniffled. I looked at her perfect face, her slow peaceful breathing, and felt another wave of incredible thankfulness. That moment was all I had and all that mattered. I breathed it in, soaked it up, consumed it every way that I could. There was absolutely nowhere else I would've rather been. 29, I think i'm gonna like you. IMG_5929.JPG