Texas Our Texas

As we drove across the state line and the weather turned from a little chilly to dreamy, I was struck by the fact that you can just get in the car and then all the sudden you can be somewhere else.  You just have to wait a few hours and then there you are.  I felt this way too when we went to France.  We feel so stuck in our bubble all of the time and these other places just seem like wonderful ideas or beautiful fantasy worlds, but then you travel and realize that they are actual places that exist all of the time and technically, can be visited at any time.  Realistically of course, it takes precious time and money, but technically, they are there all of the time, life happening, with or without you.  You get my point.  Or maybe I sound like I'm stoned.  I'm not. Anyway, this particular time that we transported out of our bubble, we were driving to Texas to buy a vintage travel trailer.  We had one picked out and had been corresponding with the seller.  Without seeing it in person, I was certain it was the one.  It was not.  No, no, it certainly was not.  People really use the words "everything works" loosely when trying to sell a travel trailer.  So, we roamed the great state, and craigslist, for a few days longer, enjoying time with family we don't often see, and the perfect fall weather and wide open spaces of central Texas.  With no luck, we were about to call it quits and head back to Nashville, when we stopped to see just one more.  Tired but pushing through, we hopped out, looked it over, and suddenly heard ourselves say "we'll take it".  Just like that, we were carefully and nervously pulling away a 1973 Airstream Sovereign.  It was gutted but "everything worked" (again, that was a stretch, as we would find out slowly).  We took it back to my dad's to work on a few technical details before towing it back to N-ville.  We got her home, slowly but surely.

In the last few hours on the road, pulling up to Aaron's parents' house, and crashing in our little temporary room upstairs, sounded like paradise.  It was such a long trip and we were so tired.  Not long after we were refueled with sleep, however, we began to hear the faint call of the road once again.  Staring out the window, feeling the tug to get lost.  So, we're building and waiting, til that glorious day that we re-hitch our silver bullet and set sail once again.  It won't be long now.


My Aunt and Uncle, Betsy and Chris Hoover's incredible house _MG_2355 _MG_2356 _MG_2360

One of Chris's pieces

_MG_2363 _MG_2396 _MG_2397 _MG_2405 _MG_2428 _MG_2445 _MG_2456


We weren't really hitch-hiking, just photo op-ing, but this guy really did stop!  How nice :)

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