High-Fiving Women With a Clue

  Let’s give some credit to women who’ve been there.  Women that know who they are.  Women that have been with and without, who have loved, lost, failed and succeeded.  Smart, spunky, gracefully-aged women, with a clue.

I just turned 29 and I am starting to see a few faint wrinkles that look as if they are here to stay.  And, though I have no intention of abandoning my skincare regimen or hitting up the tanning salon anytime soon (I’m a redhead, it wouldn’t work anyway), I kind of like it.  It's as if the lines on our faces are literally the imprints of our life experiences.  I know I’m still fairly young and I’m happy to be, I just have a lot of respect for the many women who have traded their boyish figures in exchange for 3 kids, or laughed enough that you can see it when they’re not even smiling.  I’m inspired by women who have conquered and accomplished.  Its time to turn the tables and celebrate the beauty and more importantly, wisdom, of mature women.  If only magazine titles would sell just as well with titles like "how she grew in wisdom" over "how this 50-year-old looks 30."  Well, they can.  If we accept it and ask for it.  Lets turn our admiration to those that deserve it and accept ourselves as we are, as we age.  Congratulate yourselves on those lines you see; smile at them in the mirror, for you paid of beautiful price for them.  Train yourself to feel pride at your battle scars of bearing children, your weathered hands that have touched lives, tired eyes that have seen much.  Growing old is an unsung gift of life and our bodies are simply the canvas on which our lives paint our magnificent stories.

For me, as my time here continues to imprint itself on my face and hands, I hope to soak up every minute of it, fight my battles with joy, relish the sweet moments with intention, and delight in watching it all become visible... and someday, be a super awesome old lady.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some gals who rock their age, from my pinterest board "Awesome Old Ladies"














and last but not least, my beautiful late grandmother.