The Creative Force

The moment an artist starts comparing their self to another artist is the moment they lose the opportunity to create something truly YOU-nique.  CRW_0714

They say that everything under the sun has been done.  They say there are no genuinely new ideas.  This appears accurate when we observe the frequent consuming and regurgitating of artistic production in the fields of work we have labeled as "art".  However, the way I see it, there has never ever been another you and there never will be.  Your existence alone is a one-of-a-kind articulation of something no one has ever seen before.  If you can tap in to the unadulterated identity within, and reveal it in your art, you will unveil something the world has never seen before.  You will create, out of thin air, something truly new and unmatched.  And that is nothing short of a miracle.

We all have the spirit of a creator inside of us, whether you see yourself as an artist or not.  You're expression may be a painting, a dance, poetic words, or simply how you live your life, the mind frame you keep, how you play with your children, how you love the people around you, or how your brain works puzzles.

Art has been given many definitions throughout time and these definitions have been debated over and over.  I don't claim to be the authority, but in my opinion, art is the taking in, processing and exhaling of this life that we're all thrown into.  It's the way we digest our experience here.  I believe that the more you can filter outside influences, quiet deceiving voices and amplify the true voice of your purest identity, the more you will see your perfectly unique expression, tangible or intangible, pour out.








These are some photos we took around our apartment a few years ago.

Photos Copyright 2015 Katie Thomas