My House

A friend of ours sent us this song today cause it made him think of us.  "A KAO is A-OK as long as I'm with you.." I mean, how cute is this song?  It actually made me a little emotional for some reason.  It's the essence of the fantastic idea of packing all in an airstream and hitting the road.  The romantic idea that drew us in and changed our life.  No matter where you are and what you do, it's easy for the grass to look greener on the other side.  When the road gets rough (literally- and everything in the trailer gets thrown around), it's easy to look at other options, like a stay-put home, and question your choice.  But then a little song like this comes along and reminds you of the whimsical beauty of believing in a life of simple pleasures.  Thanks Kasey Musgraves.