The day we left on our journey this summer, with every home-making thing in the airstream, and every music-making thing in the Land Rover, we made a quick stop at Shelby Park in East Nashville to have these photos snapped by our talented friend, Josh Ulmer.  It was raining.  So we spent some time inside and he captured us with a variety of tools- vintage film cameras, new DSLR, a little point and shoot and his iPhone.  I loved watching his creativity at work and thought it was a wonderful send off.  

The rest of that momentous Day One of our adventure was not quite as wonderful however.. But I makes a great story now.  Goes like this: 

We decided to stop in Memphis that night because we were easing into the trip and finding a comfortable pace.  According to my 3 weather apps (I might be a little paranoid), there were storms heading our way, which only happened to be my worst fear about living in an airstream.  So we set up at our muddy, wasp-inhabited, humid campsite as quickly as we could, leaving time to run out and grab some dinner before they blew in.  In our characteristically impulsive, and terribly-optimistic fashion, we had left for our trip without such things as a fridge and an air conditioner (well, we had one but it didn't work.. yet), so naturally we hadn't bought groceries either.  So we scooted out and began to search the barren land surrounding the park for dinner.  The closest thing was a cafeteria-type restaurant which will remain nameless because it was the worst food (if you can call it that), that I have ever looked at, much less put into my mouth.  I mean, the macaroni and cheese wasn't even good.  How do you mess that up?? Aaron's dogfood in the shape of meat substance was completely inedible.  Imagine you are in a zombie movie, seeking shelter in an abandoned cafe.  You creep inside, make sure it's secure and then board up all the doors and windows.  You then look into the food bins to see if there's anything left.  This food was what you would have found in there.  Yeah.  Meanwhile, I could see the wind picking up and the sun going down across the mostly empty parking lot and considered which would be the worse outcome of staying- finishing the food or getting caught in a tornado.  We finally decided to cut our losses and head back to the trailer.  The rain started up on the drive back, and escalated quickly.  We made it back and holed up in our little silver bullet.  I tried desperately to sleep between checking the weather on my phone and wiping the sweat from my face.  I didn't do much of it.  Eventually the soft light of morning floated into the trailer as the rain dulled to a pitter-patter.  We made it.  

I think I knew even then that these memories we had just begun to make, the challenges we had just begun to face, and the freedom we were beginning to taste would bring a smile to my lips for a long time to come.  And here I am, smiling as I write this.