Leave It Beautiful!


There are so many reasons why we love Airstream and love partnering with them.  One of which, is there consistent effort to be more sustainable and more "green".  And just one example of that effort is a side project that they have started called Leave It Beautiful.  "Leave it Beautiful is an Airstream social action initiative that is inspired by the legacy of Airstream’s founder, Wally Byam, and the passion projects which many Airstreamers create and/or participate in today, " says the site.  


Leave It Beautiful is about making the world a better place, one small action at a time.  Its about all of us all coming together to take care of the nature areas that are so dear to us and so enriching to our lives.  Airstreamers, RVers, campers, or really- ANYBODY can participate in this effort in several ways.  


The website calls Leave it Beautiful "an interactive hub where Streamers and Dreamers (and all the In-Betweeners!) can create and share any projects that leave the world a more beautiful, better place to live, love and travel. From park clean ups to serving food, and fundraisers to building homes, Airstreamers have a long history of helping others, both on the road and also in their own communities."


How to start?  First head over to the website and create a profile.  Then, start or join a project!  We started one that is simply called "Clean Up Your Campsite".  We are aiming to leave each site that we visit on our tour even better than we found it.  We would love for you to join our project and show us some pics of you cleaning up your campsite!  

Even if you are not a camper (or you don't even visit the website)- you can be a part of Leave It Beautiful.  Everyone of us has an impact on our world and our environment and small actions to improve even just your immediate surroundings will add up to a more beautiful place for us all.