Chase Down The Moon - Video

We are so excited to share our new video with you.  This is the live acoustic version of our new song, Chase Down The Moon, filmed and recorded at our Beacon Rock State Park campground in Washington just a few days ago.   

As we were editing and putting this video together, tweaking and analyzing, doubting and perfecting as we are prone to do, I suddenly became aware of how perfect it really was- and how our greater message is threaded throughout every detail and every flaw.   

We wrote this song several months ago- a little while before this tour was even conceived.  We had been traveling in our own '73 Airstream on and off for about a year, oscillating between feeling great about our path and feeling totally stuck.  In a very stuck-feeling moment, we began to sing out our need to get away.  The cry of our insides to be allowed to change in a way that is difficult to achieve admidst the familiar and to be transformed as only the eye-opening experience of travel can transform you began to pour out in melody. 

 "Well I can't get far enough away, cause I know I need to make a change.  And when you're home nobody wants to see you be anything new.  But there's a fire and it's catching on, burning me up and getting me gone.  It's gonna kill me soon."

Feeling as if we were swimming through mud, desperate to make these dreams in our hearts a reality, was painful.  Wondering if it would work or if we were heading in even remotely the right direction.  The song poured out of us as a soothing bath, and we imagined ourselves as weary travelers crossing the desert in search of our own promised land.

"Been a long time comin' as I ride away into the sunset dusk like a hurricane.  Got a head full of worry and a heart of pain that the west coast water's gonna wash away.  There's a desert in my soul oh Arizona.  There's a gold rush comin' for ya California.  This fire will consume, if I don't chase down the moon." 

Months later, and here we are on the cross-country journey we've been dreaming of.  Exploring, creating and sharing our music, art and message.  Staring across the expanse at our own personal promised land.  Now we sing this song that healed us and encouraged us as it came out.  

The day we recorded this Magnolia insisted on being in the video, which was not a part of the plan.  We sighed, knowing we'd need her cooperation if we were to get it filmed today.  She wanted to dance with the guitar strap.  Ok, we said.  Ok, fine.  Let's do this. 

Well, letting go and flowing with "what is" proved to be perfection once again.  Not only does she look like an angel and add a quality of innocence and beauty to the video, but having her back there dancing expresses our message and our dream beautifully- that we are writing our own story here.  Our reality is that we travel, we create art and music and we are growing a family.  All at the same time.  Because this is our one life.  And we want it all.  Even with the challenges this presents, we love it.  We've learned not to simply appease or occupy her in order to do "our thing", but to include her.  Her ideas, her presence, her desires.  Every time it leads to magic.  

When I suddenly saw the perfection in all of this- even down to the fact that we could really only do one take with her attention span- I felt so happy to see clearly this unique path that we have chosen.  It's not perfect, and it's not for everyone.  But it's tailor-made for us, by us.  

Life is not a multiple choice question but a blank page.  Draw your own.  Design it perfectly, uniquely, for you.  Dream it up.  Go after it.  Love the journey.  

So much love,