New Webisode! Idaho... Who Knew?!

When you think of Idaho, what do you think of?  Maybe potatoes?  Well, I do love potatoes- every way they come- but even better than potatoes is Idaho's landscape.  It was truly breath-taking and a wonderful surprise.  Granted we did not see all of the state, our time in City of Rocks National Reserve was enough to lodge it permanently in our minds as one of the most beautiful places we've seen.  We hadn't planned a whole lot of time there in fact and ended up extending our stay to the absolute last possible minute (which is one of the reasons our visit to Seattle was cut short.)  We played a wonderful show hosted by some of the park rangers, had a surprise snow, wandered all over the grand rock formations, and met some awesome people.  Enjoy!

**Did we skip Episode 4??  Well, we are calling this Episode 5 because somewhere between this and the last one there is some lost footage which we will happily share as Episode 4 once we recover it!