The Airstream Gets a Makeover!


An Airstream is a beautiful thing.  All the comforts of home easily- and quite stylishly I might add- being towed behind a vehicle, allowing one to experience first hand the beauty and intrigue of this glorious land, and then climb into a familiar and cozy bed night after night.  We've parked ours on the top of a mountain, with no hookups and snow outside our door, and after a day of exploration we still cooked a hot meal, brushed our teeth with running water, and snuggled into a warm bed.  

I love that the sleek, minimal and highly functional interior allows us to tote our necessities neatly and orderly while providing a lovely canvas for a bit of personalization.  And that's exactly what we were looking to do when we called up our friends at Walls Need Love and said "Its Airstream makeover time."  

Walls Need Love is a Nashville based company that creates awesome removable wall paper, wall decals and other adhesive art.  Now that they also supply blankets, pillows, shower curtains, and a bunch of other decor items with their seemingly infinite palette of amazing patterns and prints, they seriously have your home (or Airstream) decor covered.  We selected a handful of different decals and decor items from their website and then got to work in the 'Stream.  Check out our before and after!  I'll link the specific items we chose below.  Enjoy!