Exploring Cold Spring, NY

I would have never known about the quaint and scenic town of Cold Spring, NY if the amazingly talented photographer, Danielle Stevens, hadn't emailed us to collaborate on this beautiful photo story.  We met Danielle at a restaurant on a bustling intersection- the name of which escapes me but which is in the background of the first photo.. Whistling something??  We sat outside in the warm summer air and had delicious fish tacos and burgers and such.  Then we made our way down the road to walk through the village of shops and restaurants and eat popsicles as Danielle quietly captured special moments, glances, giggles.  We continued wandering and made our way through a tunnel and to the water's edge.  Wondering and wandering even further, we found a somewhat secluded spot laden with glossy skipping stones.  Gazing out at the mountains rising out of the lake, feeling the fresh breeze on our faces, and watching Magnolia just loving it, we felt so thankful for this simple moment.  After such a busy time in Boston and Providence and with a long drive ahead of us, this stop felt like a long, deep breath, and a reminder to exit the highway a little more frequently, to stop, to play, to wonder, to wander, to gaze at the water until the sun goes down.  This is what it's all about afterall.

Enjoy these beautiful photos taken by Danielle Stevens.  
www.daniellestevensphotography.com, Insta: @iamdanimari