New Music! "Dreamers" Live at Country Concert (Lyric Video)

We are so excited to share this new song with you.  Its called "Dreamers" and we wrote it a few years ago actually.  At the time it was written, it came up so organically from such a deep place within us.  We felt the words so deeply that tears poured out simultaneously.  

This song is about believing in the beauty of life, even when you may not feel it, or see it.  Its about daring to ask yourself - what would be a dream-come-true to me?  And then taking that scary leap of going for it.  Its about reaching beyond playing it safe, coloring within the lines, and just trying to stay alive and have the right amount of savings and check off all the to do's until you die.  Its about going deep, asking questions, having fun, being 100% YOU, & seeking the beauty and richness of this wonderfully complex life experience.  Our dreams- the things that move us, stir our emotions, tug at our hearts- are the signs that point us toward our purpose.  Sometimes they can get so buried under the "should"s of life, our fears and, well, just life!  But they remain.  When they peek through, you know them by the way they light you up.  They get you wild with excitement.  We say, ride that energy like a wave and DREAM ON, Dreamers!

Here is our new song, "Dreamers", performed live at Country Concert, with lyrics.

Enjoy!  And let us know what you think of the song!  Should it be our next single?  Tell us in the comments.  

Much Love,