Pilgrim on Airstream's Endless Caravan!

We are so excited to have joined forces with Airstream Inc. as part of their #EndlessCaravan!!  We are traveling all throughout the Southwest and California this fall 2016.  We are playing house concerts, exploring, and documenting our journey.


Become a part of the adventure!

Check out our video and the info below to make your place a part of our Pilgrim House Concert tour!

How to host a Pilgrim house concert in 2 steps:

1) Check out our route

-Are you on or near our route? To host a house concert - keep scrolling! 

-Know someone on or near our route? Share us with your friends !


2) Fill out our host form!

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We respect your privacy.  We collect this information only to securely book our tour as well as keep you informed as to when we will be in your area.  We never sell or spam your info.

The basic idea of the donation-based house concert is...

to create an intimate listening environment as well as a personal social setting for us to share with and get to know you.  Simply put, we play music in your living room, backyard, apartment, clubhouse, or any other private venue that you have access to!  And we have a lot of fun.  We make this happen at no direct cost to you, merely by asking for donations and selling our merch.  All a host is responsible for is getting people there and making mention of the donation request.

Sound like a good time?  Just fill out the host form to get the ball rolling!  

When we receive your form, we'll get back to you with possible dates for your area and then let the party planning begin! 

Upcoming Public Show Dates: